The squicky parser

This is a Racket parser for a wiki syntax based closely on WikiCreole.

Version 1.2, released 2019 March 23. Released under the terms of the BSD 2-clause licence.

You install the package within Racket (v6.1+) with the command

% raco pkg install squicky

After that, you can use it in a program with:

(require squicky)

Sample input is:

::title This is a simple document
::date 2010 December 12
== Here is a heading
Here is some text, with a list comprising:
  * one
  * two.

That's quite //astonishing!//

Compare this with the result of converting it to HTML.

You can also perform some conversions on the command line. See racket -l squicky -- --help


Release notes

1.2, 2019 March 23
Now accepts leading blank lines before wikitext starts. Include release notes in scribble docs.
1.1.2, 2015 September 22
Fix dependencies, addressing dependency warnings on
1.1.1, 2015 June 9
Minor documentation improvements.
1.1, 2015 January 30
Reworked to be compatible with Racket 6.1.1, and released on the new package system. No significant changes in functionality, apart from the addition of the lookup-value-parser parameter.
1.0, 2011 Janaury 26
First public release to PLaneT
Norman Gray
2019 March 23